And he smiled against her cheek — she was absolutely right. There wasn’t going to be a man alive, Time Lord or any one in the galaxy that would be enough for that little girl who slept peacefully in her cot. And that was just how it was going to be. He smiled a little and licked his lips, nodding a little. “Mm, I’m more concerned in making sure she has everything she needs above what she wants,” he said and slid his fingers through her hair. “She won’t go without though, not if I can help it,” he commented and kissed her forehead before her lips moved over his jaw.

She hummed, laced within a tiny chuckle, and she shifted to get her head on his chest, resting her cheek there and pressing small kisses to the scars that she could reach. “She’ll be the most loved little girl in the world.” She promised, a hand finding his and tangling her fingers through his. “She won’t want anymore than what you’ll give her, Ben. ‘F she’s anythin’ like me. You already give us both everythin’ we need.” She lifted her gaze to the cot in the corner, leg tightening around his in the need to just have him closer.


Does my niece have a name, Posie?

Mm, Dahlia.

Dahlia Dana. Sorry- we couldn’t squeeze Christopher in there anywhere. As good as that would’ve sounded.


And he sat on the edge of the bed as he watched her move about, standing up to turn the monitor on some more then watched her settle down for the day. He laughed a little bit, wearing nothing but his jeans, looking over at her as she settled down under the duvet, nodding a little bit. He turned his eyes over toward the baby again before shifting underneath the duvet, jeans and all. He hummed and shifted close to her, sliding his arm around her and pressing his lips to her forehead. “Mmm good idea, sleep while the princess sleeps,” he commented and nuzzled his nose against her cheek, exhaling slowly and pressing his lips where he’d just nuzzled.

She curled into him, one leg hooking around a jean clad one, pressing into the warmth of his kisses and releasing a small sigh. “No bloke is ever gonna be good enough for her,” She teased, turning her head to catch his lips in a quick kiss, one hand moving over his chest, lingering on each scar it met. “I jus’ know how much you’re gonna spoil her.” She leaned her chin on his shoulder and grazed her mouth against the edge of his jaw. This was tranquility, she thought. This was everything she’d ever wanted, and she never even knew she’d wanted it until she’d had it.

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Come an’ meet your niece, stupidface. 



Ben had no doubts that she could do it — she had a motherly instinct and a need to heal everyone she met. It was just the nerves of it actually being a little life depending on you to make decisions and choices that would mold their lives into adulthood. It was daunting and frightening, but exciting and brilliant at the same time. And he was more than excited to take this journey with her and all over again. He licked his lips and smiled at her, tilting his head. He got up in the night to take care of the little one so Rose could sleep; he was trying to get into this routine so that when he went back to work, she wouldn’t be so tired to deal with her during the day. And he didn’t really mind at all. Dahlia seemed to enjoy her sleep as much as they did.

And he nodded some, grinning broadly at the prospect of that. “And she’s so very beautiful and so very brilliant,” he said quietly, looking over at the cot again before tearing his eyes away from it. “I have to stop that, but I can’t.”

Rose couldn’t help the small amount of laughter that spilled past her lips when he looked back at the cot, pressing a last, lingering kiss to his knuckles before she moved to get up. She peered over the edge of the cot shortly, winding up the mobile so that it went on for a little longer before moving around the bed and tugging her shirt over her head. She replaced it with one of Ben’s, the band t-shirt he’d given her the first time she’d visited his work. She’d been using it as a pyjama top lately; it was baggy and warm and smelt of him and it made up for the times he was up in the night soothing Dahlia. 

She unbuttoned her jeans and tossed both them and her shirt in the washing basket, crawling back onto the bed and tucking herself under the duvet. She patted the space beside her and looked back for Ben. “C’mon, you’re stayin’ here for a cuddlin’ session until she wakes up again.”


Ben had so many hopes for that little tiny girl. And he hoped that he could live up to standard of man that she deserved; he would definitely work hard to do right by her, to never let her go without, to teach her to have an open mind and to grow up to be a strong, opinionated woman who would always make the right decisions for her. He wanted those things for her, he wanted her happiness, he wanted her to always have everything she needed. He would do everything he could to make it happen.

He looked over at Rose when she spoke and smiled at her, genuinely, nodding a little. “Never better,” he commented softly, watching her for a second and squeezed her hands. “I just think she’s really beautiful and can’t stop looking at her.”

Rose had absolutely no doubts of Ben as a father. She depended on him to guide her through this. She was completely clueless when it came to children, despite the motherly instinct she’d had on many occasion. It’d bloomed into something entirely different when Dahlia had been brought into the world, but she still needed Ben to lead her. He’d done this before. At least, bringing them up into toddlers. She reckoned that might have been the hardest part. 

She tipped her head a fraction and her smile widened at his words, rolling onto her knees to pepper kisses to his forehead. “It’s those eyes,” She murmured, a grin in her voice. “Can’t stop starin’ into those eyes of hers. She’ll make everyone fall in love with her the moment they see her.” She rocked back onto her legs. “She’s a little you. A little you and a little me.” I’m Melinda..

Y’alright there, Melinda?


He got comfortable, sliding his hands against hers, palm to palm and their fingers matching up somewhat. Her much smaller hands against his and it made him smile as he watched them. He turned his eyes up to hers when she started to suggest names and nodded a little bit, grinning a little bit and even more when she suggested the second name. He bit his lower lip, the smile still on his face. “Dana, yeah,” he commented and linked their fingers, pressing his lips to the top of her hand and nodded. “Dahlia Dana,” he commented and slid his fingers through hers, playing with them. “And she finally has a name,” he grinned, looking over at the little one in the cot sleeping.

He couldn’t stop looking at her — terrified and elated by one tiny life all over again. He wanted to do right by her, by her mum. Slowly the flat would fill up with pictures of her and their new start.

"Dana," Rose repeated, his smile coaxing one of her own. One of relief, really. She wasn’t sure what the reaction would be from that name. She watched him toy with their fingers and gave his own a squeeze, using them to bring him a tad closer. She followed his line of vision to the cot, eyes lingering on the mobile, still playing a tune she’d become accustomed to falling asleep to. It didn’t play all night, it was on a timer and it eventually faded out, but Rose had normally fallen asleep at the same time that they’d set the baby down. It’d take a while to get back into a normal routine, she reckoned.

"Dahlia Dana Hobbes." She said slowly, eyes moving back to Ben and she lifted a hand to her lips, brushing a kiss against his knuckles. She could tell what he was feeling by the look in his eyes, the way he couldn’t seem to tear them away from their daughter, and she gave his hands a squeeze to bring him back. "Y’alright?"


And he didn’t think that name would have struck such a cord with her, it seemed to really stick and he was doing the same thing in his head. He leaned into each kiss she placed on his temple, his neck and behind his ear. He grinned a little bit, watching the coat as the baby was fast asleep with her little mobile moving over her, playing a soft melody that he didn’t recognize. He turned his head to look at her when she was looking at him. “Dahlia,” he said finally and grinned. “Dal-yah,” he remarked and looked over at the baby again, nodding. “Definitely fitting,” he commented, shifting to stand up, moving over to the cot to look down into the cot.

The tiny little newborn baby, who was pursing her lips in her sleep as if she was dreaming. “Dahlia … middle name or … ” he looked over at her and smiled a little bit, sliding his finger over the baby’s tiny curled fist before moving back over to sit down on the bed with her.

Rose watched Ben closely, following him with her eyes as he stood. She leaned back on her hands and let the smile on her lips broaden just an inch or so. Dahlia. She hummed and sat forwards when he returned, keeping her gaze locked on Ben as her mind drifted away in thought. It took a moment for her to come back to the here and now, hands shifting to seek out his own, pressing palms to palms and fingertips to fingertips. 

"How ‘bout Sera?" She asked quietly, glancing toward the cot before her eyes were back on him. She paused, pressing her hands a little harder against his own and her voice was very small when she spoke again. ".. Or Dana."

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